We began finishing our calves back in 1998.  We made this management decision after seeing groups of calves in sale barns being sorted for no apparent reason, and sold at a discount.  We knew that if we wanted to seriously improve our cattle, finishing them to slaughter was the way to do it.  We have found that you don’t need large numbers of cattle to make this decision work for you. 

Most of the years since we started feeding out the calves, we have used Kansas Feed Yard, at Scott City Kansas. The feedlot manager commented that this pen of calves never quit eating and were always waiting for the feed truck in the mornings.  

Since 2005 we have been receiving all the carcass data from the meat plants.  This year we did the same.  The carcass data was returned to the feedlot.

We are proud to show these results to you.  Pay close attention to the feed conversion line.  Typically the feed conversion number is near 7 pounds consumed to 1 pound of gain.  Efficient cattle will always make money.  

Here is the data from last year’s calves, 2019 born calves.  All sired by Full Fleckvieh bulls!!

Average Daily Gain 3.59 pounds
Live Weight 1447 pounds
Choice 89%
Yield Grade 1 & 2 92.18%
Average Rib Eye 15.76 sq in
Dressing yield 64.27%
Dry Matter Feed Conversion 5 pounds

If you feed your calves or finish your cattle we know that you can use our Fleckvieh genetics to continue to improve the beef supply in the U.S.  Efficiency in the feedlot with retained ownership pays you back.  When you sell your calves consider the genetic potential you have. Keep it for yourself or let someone else capitalize on your hard work.

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